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Optical Illusions Interior Design Ideas

Look at lighting

Sometimes homeowners – especially those with older homes – have to deal with uncomfortably low ceilings. Spectacular ceilings may be a more recent property trend, but that does not mean you have to live with the feeling of being stuck in a cave. This time, the answer lies in your lighting.
When choosing your home lighting, light bulbs are usually directed towards the light towards the ceiling or towards the ground. Unconsciously, it will also attract our attention in this direction. With this in mind, if you want to create the illusion of having higher ceilings, consider incorporating wall sconces or some other type of indirect lighting.
That said, downlighting, which is typical for table lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps, is not necessarily a bad thing. They are often ideal for lighting the particular characteristics of the room and work perfectly to draw attention where it is needed.

Don’t forget mirrors

When we talk about optical illusions of interior design, there is no way around the cornerstone of interior design advice: if you need to fool the eye, add a mirror. Even today, it’s good advice and it can impact your room in two ways.
On the one hand, adding a mirror to a small room will make it look bigger. In this case, you want to position the mirror on the back wall of the room or on the furthest point of the door. This will help attract viewers to the entire space and get them to take as many square feet as possible.
Mirrors can also help add visual height to a room. Here, choose a vertical mirror, so that the eyes follow this line of sight up to the ceiling.

Choose colors wisely

First of all, we have color. Although it’s probably not hard to believe that the color you choose will radically affect the overall feel of a room, knowing how to use it to your advantage is a different story.
Lighter colors, for example, make a room look bigger. Remember to use whites or lighter neutral colors in places such as narrow rooms or tight living spaces. Be careful in larger rooms though. Sometimes, even though these discreet shades may be perfect for those with modern aesthetics, they can create significant spaces – such as beautiful rooms or open concept spaces – that are striking.
On the other hand, darker shades may give the impression that parts are closed a little. For this reason, we do not recommend using them in restricted areas. However, sometimes, a little proximity can work to your advantage. Consider adding a splash of rich color to your dining room or another space where the goal is to facilitate conversation.

No Matter Your Budget, Home Improvements

Decorating with furniture and accessories

Good furniture and accessories bring new life to any room. If your budget is limited, focus on buying the highest quality piece of furniture in the room, then look for the rest of the accents. For example, by redecorating the living room, splurge on the couch – you’ll spend a lot of time sitting on it and you’ll be creative with accessorization.

Replacing flooring

Painting rooms

Painting a room is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to turn a room into a room. It’s also an excellent DIY project that can often be tackled over a weekend. The best part of this type of project is that homeowners can take a bigger risk with color and paint on it if they do not like it.

Kitchen remodel

A modern and functional kitchen is one of the main features sought by the owners. But it’s important not to go too far, because according to U.S. News, a minor remodel of the kitchen will recover 80% of its cost, while a major mid-range kitchen remodel will have a 65% return on investment


Tips Infuse Personality in Your Room

Usually, when we talk about design choices, we come to the point of view of how to make the parts of your home appeal to the masses. However, we would be careless if we did not admit that, in the end, your home really only needs to seduce you. He should distinctly feel yours.
That’s why we focus on how to infuse personality into your interiors. We have four tips to make sure your home is right for you, no matter what your interests are. Read them and consider incorporating one or two into your next design. After all, there is no reason not to celebrate who you are.

Highlight your hobbies

If you have a hobby that you love, there is no reason why they should not have a place of choice in your home. Whether you’re a fan of music, art, or looking for a great collection, hanging some of these items on your walls or placing them on shelves is a great way to give your home a personal touch. unique.

In this case, however, we advise you to resist the urge to rely too much on a theme. Rather than building the whole room around your passion, just incorporate these elements into the design. That said, whatever your hobby-focused stories are, give them important posts, maybe even make them a point of convergence.

Play with pattern

Bold prints and are also a solid option for those looking to make their interiors a little more personalized. Like people, not two models are exactly alike, and there are countless options to choose from. Most of the time, these motifs are included in accessories such as cushions or wall art pieces. However, that does not mean that you could not make a stronger statement by choosing something like a bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash.
The model you choose will depend on you, but if you choose something that makes a strong statement, we recommend that you make it your inspiration for the piece. Let the colors present inform your palette for the rest of the space and do your best to emulate particular aesthetic landmarks.

Create a gallery wall

If you are looking for a quick way to help your home feel more like you, a gallery wall could be a perfect choice. In other words, this design choice allows you to show who you are and how you want it to be exposed.
Once you have your items in hand, the next step is to understand how they should be hooked. We suggest laying it on a table or on the floor before trying to fix anything on the wall. In this way, you will have the opportunity to play and make changes until you have landed on the ideal arrangement.

Old Classic Gallery Wall

Work with what you’ve got 

A gallery wall is a perfect opportunity to showcase the natural flow of your home. Build your wall around the existing chimney or the line of your stairs. The interweaving of the art and architecture of your house marry both. It also helps your gallery wall to look like it belongs, making it an interesting part of your decor rather than a random group of images on your wall.

Mind your matting

One of the biggest challenges facing wall hangers is the balance. How to hang a number of images on your wall without feeling clumsy or heavy? Often the answer lies in carpets. Marking your photos is one of the best wall hacks in the gallery because it’s like adding a white space to design: It creates a natural break, adding a feeling of lightness and breath. When you hang an eclectic art group, photo and engraving collage helps fill gaps and maintain balance.

Have fun with the coaching

Art itself is not the only thing you can play by hanging a gallery wall. If you’ve ever seen a gallery wall that seemed a bit bland, frames may be to blame. In most walls of the gallery, the size of the image changes. However, you do not have to stop there. Add different colors or textures when hanging prints and unframed canvas. By changing the border of your artwork, you can follow interesting lines and add dynamism to your wall.

Houseplants Indoors

Snake plant

This plant also bears the name of “mother-in-law’s tongue”, but we will call it by its more friendly name. The snake plant is as rustic as visually interesting. Its variegated spears like indirect light and, again, prefer dry soil between waterings.
Not only is it a very indulgent plant, but it is also a donor. NASA’s clean air study found that serpentine plants filter out benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, xylene and toluene. It’s a sophisticated way of saying that it gives you a cleaner, cleaner look inside your home.

Air plants

Do you like succulents because of their hassle-free maintenance? Did you know that there is an even simpler factory? Aerial plants require very, very few of their owners and are one of the trendiest houseplants in 2018. Their improvement in the world of design is largely thanks to the visual interest they lend to a space, due to the fact that they do not need soil.
Yes, you read that right. The aerial plants grow without soil. All they need is a supply of air, as their name suggests. If you bring these fascinating plants into your home, water them once a week. A quick rinse in the sink or a spritz complete with a spray bottle will suffice.


Most plants are limited by the size of their pot. Not so with this showy producer. Pothos is known for its snaky vines, which you can keep or cut to give your space a truly lush vibe. People like pothos because it’s flexible enough. It develops in a variety of light conditions, including low-light environments. If you notice that the leaves are turning pale, it is a sign that your pothos are getting too much sun.
Pothos is also good if you often forget to water your plants. The potho plant does best when its soil is allowed to dry completely between watering.

Creative Ways to Repurpose in Your Home

We all have it. This corner in our house is just a little different from the rest. And we are willing to bet that space does not act too much for the moment. After all, what to do with such a clumsy corner?

Fortunately, however, it does not have to stay that way. While these spaces can be unused right now, with some planning, they can be used wisely. Whether they are part of your kitchen, your bedroom or your bathroom, they can become as functional and aesthetic as any other element of your design.

Do not believe us? Keep reading to see our best ideas for reusing the less-than-ideal corner in your home. If you are ready to put some elbow grease into the implementation of the idea that best suits your needs, you may just find that a simple corner can become a lot more.

Create your own work space


Create a cozy reading nook

Frame an L-shaped sofa

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Go modern
Outdoor kitchens can match your modern home. In other words, the outdoor kitchen should not be “kitchy” and filled with pretty Kiss the Cook aprons, rather it can be stylish and modern to match your style.

Add a wood pizza oven
Hmmm what better than a pizza over a wood fire. Sometimes we do not want the same old hot dogs and hamburgers, so consider including a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor terrace
Make sure to include seating in your exterior design. Make your space comfortable with a large table, plenty of chairs, cool drinks on hand in the outdoor refrigerator, and make noise – add a TV to the wall.

Do not forget the lighting
Most outdoor grills occur at night, so do not be in the dark. After all, who wants to cook with a flashlight? Get inspired by this outdoor kitchen by adding a versatile ceiling fan and light, allowing you to cook in a bright space, no matter what time of day.

Living Room Ideas

Sofa and Sofa Table

Section your living room with a sofa table along the back of your sofa. Locate your sofa in the center of the room facing the main wall. Choose a brightly colored sofa and a glass table with some heavy decorative items, such as a stone statue or a solid vase, to create a truly dramatic and sophisticated look. Pairing the sofa and sofa table will create separate areas in your living room that will add depth and functionality.

Central Sitting Area

Create a formal conversation zone as the centerpiece of your living room to warm up the space and make it a place that you will enjoy receiving guests. Use four chairs arranged around a low glass coffee table and add a delicate decor, such as a vase or stack of coffee table books. To create a rich and warm atmosphere, use large comfortable leather chairs and place a wooden table between them. If you want to create even more seating, try installing two sets of different chairs at the opposite ends of a long coffee table and then placing a sofa over the entire length of the coffee table.

Built-In Bookshelf

An integrated floor-to-ceiling library on a complete wall of your living room will create a solid and structured focal point. In order to allow him to take the stage, keep the rest of your furniture underestimated. This is a great option for those who would like a fireplace, but do not have or have one. To inject your personal style, store shelves full of your favorite books or other items you want to display.

White Kitchen Ideas For You

White Kitchen Countertops

There are several ways to approach white counters. The white marble is warm, classic and its natural veined appearance adds texture. It is more expensive than other options as well as higher maintenance. You should immediately wipe up spills, avoid putting hot pans or abrasives on the surface and seal regularly. White granite is less well maintained than marble (it seals once a year and wipes spills as quickly as possible), but it also offers a classic look. The artificial white quartz is durable and non-porous, so it is more hygienic and resists stains, scratches and corrosion. White concrete can achieve that pure white look and it’s incredibly durable. White glass can be expensive, but in addition to being elegant and bright, it is also non-porous and may be the most hygienic option. If you have a limited budget, today’s laminates mimic the more expensive granite and marble and also resist scratching and chipping.

White Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is often equipped with a large countertop slab, which allows it to be used strategically to brighten up the space or add details that complement the white elements of another place in the kitchen. the room. Add contrast by choosing a material different from that used for countertops. It is likely that the island will be the place where a lot of food is prepared and entertained, so depending on how you plan to use the kitchen island, think about the material and its degree of maintenance.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a high impact design element because they are outward facing (unlike flat work surfaces) and occupy a lot of real estate in the room. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, they account for one-third to one-half of kitchen renovation budgets. NKBA also reported that among painted cabinets, white is the most popular option. Add a personal touch by choosing wardrobe handles and other accessories that you like. They are easily replaceable and will appear against white cabinets.


Outdoor Deck Ideas for You

Plan Outdoor Deck Ideas Around Entertaining

Basically, entertaining is where your terrace will really shine. Whether you’re just serving a casual dinner for your immediate family or planning a big party with all your friends on the guest list, you need to make sure your deck is set up to have the event organized as simple as possible.
Make sure your deck is equipped with a lot of lighting and maybe even a few speakers will instantly create a party atmosphere. In addition, adding an outdoor kitchen and / or bar is a great option for those who do not want to be stuck in a kitchen while the party is going on outside.

Consider Construction Materials

When it comes to terraced ideas, your first point of consideration should be the building materials used. There are four common types, but you will want to do some research before deciding which one works best for your family. The options are:
Pressure treated wood:  The most popular and gives a classic wood look, but requires a lot of maintenance and is very likely to deform.
Redwood: Other woods like redwood and cedar are slightly more durable, but are often more expensive.
Composite: Plastic or composite material requires very little maintenance after installation, but may be limited in color and other aesthetic options.
Aluminum: The most durable and expensive material.

Add Multiple Levels

If you’re worried about having enough space to move around, you can still consider some ideas for outdoor decks that incorporate multiple levels. Building a bridge of this caliber will undoubtedly add a lot of architectural interest to your space while giving you more control over the final design.

When dealing with multiple bridges, you may consider moving each function area to its own level. Be sure to tie them all together with aesthetic details like similar landscaping. In addition, you must make sure that they all connect by an easily accessible staircase.


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