Awesome Windows Seat Ideas

Window seats are a chic addition to any home. They are common in Victorian homes, which is part of what makes them so classic. But they integrate incredibly well in modern spaces, too. People of all times enjoy reading in the natural light of a window – or, today, can play on a tablet.

If you are planning to install a window seat, or if you have one that you are trying to dress, there are many ways to use it creatively. Read on to discover creative ways to work with window seats.


Combine window seats with a table
One of the easiest ways to get creative with window seats is to place it next to a table. It works well if you have a long, bench-shaped window seat. This idea turns your window seat into a comfortable breakfast nook and gives your dining room a restaurant cabin feel. And, of course, setting the table by a window seat means a great view of the garden or yard while you eat or work.


Work the window seat in the display shelves
Another idea is to place the window seat between the shelves. The sides of the shelves provide a stable base to lean against, while the positioning of the seat allows for better access to the books. Storage drawers under the window seat can also be a productive use of space.

However, you do not have to stick to the shelves. You can also put dressers or short cabinets on each side of the window seat. The important thing is to use the same element on each side of the window seat to create a sense of balance in the design.

Match the upholstery
Creative window seats are not all about furniture placement. You will also want to consider the choice of window seat upholstery itself. In the photo above, the window trim complements other elements such as chairs, valance and even parts of the cushions. Even if you do not have furniture next to the window seat, this makes the window an integral part of the design and feel of the space.

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