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If there is a room in the house that may be messy, this is the home office. It’s a magnet for all sorts of papers, even in the digital age. Electronic devices and wires can eventually pile up. Books can be scattered in piles. Overall, many home work spaces could use help from the home office organization.

Fortunately, there are many ways to organize a functional and stylish home office. From organization options on walls to small ways to keep drawers busy completing organizational systems, read on to learn how to finally get this home office in shape.

Compartmentalized drawers

By organizing, it is easy to forget the space of the drawers. As the drawers slide, they offer an illusion of organization from the outside, even if absolutely nothing is organized or easy to find in them.

Small containers that fit into the drawers are a good way to keep everything in its place. Gone are the days when you had to upset a messy drawer looking for batteries. These are also an inexpensive way to finally feel like your life has some order. They are particularly useful for organizing several types of writing tools, as shown in the photo above.

Wall shelves for home office organization

Another way to finally get this home office is to opt for solid wall shelving systems like the desk in the photo above. This allows you to keep everything on the floor, which can be a problem in many offices. Without wall shelves, it is tempting to organize things in piles and to pretend that it is a good level of organization.

With full-wall shelving, you can also organize things more easily in binders. And it’s a great option if you have a lot of books to organize. In addition, shelves around the computer make it easy to find things at a glance while working.

Floating cubes

The picture above shows a complete office and organization system that can be added to the walls using vertical metal bars. A good idea of this system is the floating cubes above the desk. Stacks of papers are usually the first thing to accumulate around a desk. Cubes are a great way to have a place for all these packs of paper to go, while being able to label what each cubby contains. And having a system where cubbies are on the wall means more usable desk space. If you have problems with random stacks of papers, this is for you.

Plastic bins

Often seen as a cheap way out, plastic bins can be a great way to organize your home office. Sliding drawer bins can be stacked on top of each other to create as much storage as needed. Larger bins fit well under the desk and tablespaces. And smaller and lighter bins are a good way to see what’s in each bin.

The picture above shows that you can refuel on plastic bins without sacrificing style. The white and clear bins create a clean aesthetic in a room with an already light color scheme. Creative lighting, a rug and wall hanging add a touch of style to the space.


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