Ideas for wild ceilings

Three-dimensional declaration ceilings that pop literally

One of the most popular ways to create reporting caps is to choose three-dimensional designs. Three-dimensional ceilings could be as simple as raised beams around lighting fixtures, with traditional white or cream paint to keep things subtle. However, you also have the opportunity to go crazy by incorporating bright colors into your design. Either way, these ideas are wonderful ways to add visual interest to a room and personalize your living space.

Ceilings of geometric statements

Another way to obtain statement ceilings is to look for geometric designs that catch the eye. Many of them also have a three-dimensional element; However, the dimensions tend to be flatter, and the focus is more on the geometry of the design.

Many geometric designs use beams to create a catchy pattern. Other designs simply use judiciously placed signs. Still others use paint, making it a more accessible option if you are looking to update a space without a major overhaul of the structure and design.

Fun statement ceiling colors

The best way to get a ceiling statement is to paint the ceiling of a bright color. The color of the ceiling tends to match accent walls or elements in the room’s decor. In this way, you can use the ceiling of your statement to create cohesion in the room. However, you can also use a statement cap as a contrast point for a space with an artistic and bright flair. Take a look at some of the photos below for ceiling light statement ideas.

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