Living Room Ideas

Sofa and Sofa Table

Section your living room with a sofa table along the back of your sofa. Locate your sofa in the center of the room facing the main wall. Choose a brightly colored sofa and a glass table with some heavy decorative items, such as a stone statue or a solid vase, to create a truly dramatic and sophisticated look. Pairing the sofa and sofa table will create separate areas in your living room that will add depth and functionality.

Central Sitting Area

Create a formal conversation zone as the centerpiece of your living room to warm up the space and make it a place that you will enjoy receiving guests. Use four chairs arranged around a low glass coffee table and add a delicate decor, such as a vase or stack of coffee table books. To create a rich and warm atmosphere, use large comfortable leather chairs and place a wooden table between them. If you want to create even more seating, try installing two sets of different chairs at the opposite ends of a long coffee table and then placing a sofa over the entire length of the coffee table.

Built-In Bookshelf

An integrated floor-to-ceiling library on a complete wall of your living room will create a solid and structured focal point. In order to allow him to take the stage, keep the rest of your furniture underestimated. This is a great option for those who would like a fireplace, but do not have or have one. To inject your personal style, store shelves full of your favorite books or other items you want to display.

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