Old Classic Gallery Wall

Work with what you’ve got 

A gallery wall is a perfect opportunity to showcase the natural flow of your home. Build your wall around the existing chimney or the line of your stairs. The interweaving of the art and architecture of your house marry both. It also helps your gallery wall to look like it belongs, making it an interesting part of your decor rather than a random group of images on your wall.

Mind your matting

One of the biggest challenges facing wall hangers is the balance. How to hang a number of images on your wall without feeling clumsy or heavy? Often the answer lies in carpets. Marking your photos is one of the best wall hacks in the gallery because it’s like adding a white space to design: It creates a natural break, adding a feeling of lightness and breath. When you hang an eclectic art group, photo and engraving collage helps fill gaps and maintain balance.

Have fun with the coaching

Art itself is not the only thing you can play by hanging a gallery wall. If you’ve ever seen a gallery wall that seemed a bit bland, frames may be to blame. In most walls of the gallery, the size of the image changes. However, you do not have to stop there. Add different colors or textures when hanging prints and unframed canvas. By changing the border of your artwork, you can follow interesting lines and add dynamism to your wall.

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